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Imagine the attainable: increased profitability; regulatory compliance; increased production efficiencies; reduced waste and pollution creation; reduced product and facility liability; enhanced customer and shareholder confidence and relations, among others. Sound too good to be true? When it comes to an Environmental Management System (EMS), the facts speak for themselves:

  • Japan and the European Union are regulatory committed to developing and sustaining environmental management systems for businesses
  • The U.S. EPA has made it a matter of policy to "lessen exposure to criminal investigation by EPA investigators" for businesses that have established environmental management systems
  • Major companies like Ford and General Motors believe so strongly in the EMS approach that they have required all of their suppliers and vendors to become EMS certified (ISO14000)

Environmental management systems can be a powerful tool in enabling your business to become a better competitor. Partner with Webco to develop an EMS specific to your operations, and your business can reap the benefits.  Contact Walter Bowles for additional information.


The Business Problem

Environmental issues have had a profound impact on businesses, many times resulting in less than desirable implications. Businesses, especially manufacturers, face a host of costly regulations that complicate management and require the inefficient use of company time and resources. What's more, businesses must also cope with a very litigious environment, and thus, must adopt new ways of protecting itself.

And as if that wasn't enough, the implications of not paying close enough attention to environmental issues could include increased liability, inefficient operations, and a loss of public and employee confidence, all of which are significant costs to your business. No business needs to be saddled with these types of implications - there is a way out. You need to strive for a sound environmental operation.

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The Prudent Business Solution

The key to solving this business problem is realizing that these implications can be avoided if a proactive effort towards environmentally sound operations is made. Achieving sound environmental operations requires strong organizational commitment to a systematic approach to management and continuous improvement.

Webco Environmental Management, Inc. can assist your business in developing and implementing an environmental management system (EMS) that will lead your company towards sound environmental operations.

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How an EMS and Webco Can Help Solve Your Business Problem


A carefully crafted EMS can provide order and consistency or businesses when addressing environmental concerns. The EMS will help an organization allocate resources more efficiently, assign environmental responsibilities to the right people, and continuously evaluate and update ongoing environmental policies, practices, and procedures.

Webco considers the fundamental elements of any sound EMS and provides the practical advice and the best solutions for implementing such a system, or enhancing and sustaining an already established EMS. Such a system is essential to any organization’s ability to anticipate and meet its business and environmental objectives and to ensure ongoing compliance with local, state, national, and/or international requirements.

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The potential benefits associated with an effective EMS include:

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How an EMS Fits With Your Business Operations:

Environmental management is an integral part of an organization’s overall management system. The design of an EMS is an ongoing and interactive process. The structure, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes, and resources for implementing environmental policies, objectives, and targets can be coordinated with existing management efforts in other areas (i.e. operations, purchasing, finance, quality, occupational health and safety, etc.).

An EMS designed by Webco follows Shewart and Deming's well known Quality Management approach of "plan, do check, and act" which is a systems methodology rather than a traditional command and control approach.  The EMSs are ready-made for ISO14000 certification and inclusion into other facility management initiatives like ISO9000, TQM, and Lean Manufacturing. These highly successful management initiatives share several basic principles, and an EMS builds on that foundation of principles to help businesses:

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Do the Smart Thing:

When it comes to managing your business' environmental affairs, you'll want to "do the smart thing." The smart thing most likely includes being a good neighbor to your community, achieving regulatory compliance, and acting responsibly on environmental issues. The crux of the matter is that corporate management must deal with risk, whether it be market risk, financial risk, legal risk, or environmental risk. Developing and sustaining an effective environmental management system can substantially reduce all of these business risks. There is no down side in developing an EMS for your facilities.

Webco will assist you in determining the path that best fits the goals and objectives of your business. Do the smart thing and choose to implement an EMS; then put your trust in Webco, a firm that:

Webco will ensure that your business interests and environmental affairs are treated as our own.

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