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   Webco's E-Man® compliance management system is a simple to use web based application which enables companies to effectively manage environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance requirements/deadlines.

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  E-Man (short for Environmental Manager) provides  automatic email notifications to remind personnel of upcoming compliance (environmental, safety, etc.) deadlines.  The system also generates exception-based notifications to management personnel on deadlines about to "slip through the cracks", which enables managers to react and prevent a missed deadline.

   E-Man also provides a detailed compliance calendar to assist in organizing a facility's or individual's compliance deadlines.  Additional resources, such as procedures, work instructions, spreadsheets, etc. may be linked to a deadline, which provides a efficient electronic document management system.

   We're not a software company that decided to venture into the compliance marketplace.  We've incorporated over 25 years of compliance management experience into building an efficient, practical system to improve compliance performance without adding unnecessary work for those using the system or managing the compliance process.  Read about how our system helped transform a company's compliance performance.
Timely Compliance:  Email reminders and exception emails
        prevent missed deadlines or late submittals;
Organization:  Centralized deadline information, including
        compliance calendars, which may be linked to work
        instructions, procedures, etc.;
*  Succession Planning:  Facilitates transition of compliance
        responsibilities and reduces the time to bring new
        personnel up to speed.  Succesion planning EHS
        responsibilities couldn't be easier;
Quick to Implement:  Common EHS "template" deadlines
        assist and streamline facility setup.  No elaborate data
        entry or maintenance requirements;
Easy to Use and Administer:  Simple, intuitive interface.
        Minimal time required for users to access/use the system
        (minutes per week);
Access Anywhere, Anytime:  All you need is access to the
        internet.  Zero-downtime server guarantee;
Reasonable Cost:  Modest initialization fee, with annual
        fee based on the number of plant/facilities (unlimited
        users and/or compliance deadlines;
Personal Attention & Expertise:  We want you to succeed.
        We're glad to share our experience and expertise to
        ensure you get the most out of our system and best
        manage compliance within your company.

  Our clients, whose facilities range from a 10,000 sq. foot manufacturing plant to a 6,000 acre manufacturing complex, rave about our system.  For a free, no strings or hassles trial, simply provide:
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