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   Webco's E-Man® compliance management system is a simple to use web based application which enables companies to effectively manage environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance requirements/deadlines.



     Ensuring deadlines are met on-time at multiple locations is a difficult task for corporate environmental managers.  Acting as compliance managers for our corporate clients, Webco Environmental Management developed E-Man® (short for Environmental Manager) to help us efficiently and cost-effectively ensure environmental, health and safety compliance and promote accountability throughout an organization.  E-Man has helped us to be better managers.

     While other systems are expensive, require significant data input and constant monitoring, our software simple to implement, easy to use, compatible with existing Environmental Management Systems (EMS), and automatically prompts users when they need to take action!

     Put E-Man® to work for you to give you peace of mind to know that a compliance deadline won't "fall through the cracks."

Background InformationThe professionals at Webco Environmental Management, Inc. manage corporate environmental affairs for our clients just as many corporate EHS professionals manage their company's environmental affairs.  We experienced first hand the difficulties of trying to keep up with compliance activities at multiple facilities across the country.  It became evident that we needed to find more efficient and cost effective ways to assist in managing the EHS affairs of our clients and to promote accountability throughout those organizations.

Webco incorporated over 25 years of corporate environmental management experience into developing E-Man® to enable us to more efficiently and cost effectively manage our clients' EHS responsibilities.  We're not a software company that decided to venture into the compliance marketplace - we specialize in providing environmental compliance assistance to manufacturing operations and ended up developing a software application which gives EHS professionals the ability to manage more facilities with fewer resources in a proactive, cost-effective manner.

Ensuring ComplianceEHS professionals managing compliance issues have difficult jobs.  Success is often measured by how effective they are in preventing NOVs, fines, penalties, late permit or other regulatory reporting submittals (like annual Title V compliance certifications, monthly NPDES discharge monitoring reports, Tier II reports, Toxic Release Inventory - TRI - reports, etc.).  EHS managers often are held responsible for ensuring compliance activities are completed on-time by individuals at various locations throughout the organization over whom they have little direct control.

E-Man was developed with EHS management in mind - the system is streamlined to effectively manage date sensitive EHS information with little effort and time.  Our software helps EHS professionals do their jobs better by promoting efficient and effective management.  The system reminds personnel of upcoming regulatory events and holds them accountable for completing the actions on time.  Being an "exception based" system, managers will only be notified if a user does not follow through on his/her responsibilities.  Thus, managers are not overburdened with information stating that all compliance issues are in order; managers are only notified when a responsibility is not timely addressed.

Below are just a few specific benefits that our clients have realized:

  • Establishes a formal compliance process;

  • Facilitates succession planning and responding to employee turnover;

  • Provides a method to organize compliance documentation;

  • Provides a compliance calendar;

  • Promotes management accountability to ensure deadlines are met;

  • Easy to use (does not "create work);

  • Reliable; and

  • Cost effective.

Providing Peace of Mind:  Ever worry about missing a compliance deadline?  Would you like to know all compliance issues have been addressed on-time.  Our clients, who have gone through the process of identifying their date-specific compliance requirements (deadlines), identifying those personnel in the organization directly responsible for each requirement, and then entering these deadlines into our system, tell us the system provides them with the peace of mind that a compliance requirement won't "fall through the cracks."

Since E-Man automatically prompts individuals responsible for a specific compliance deadline, as well as providing e-mail "alerts" (alerting of a deadline about to fall through the cracks) to managers, users do not have to worry about constantly checking the system, running reports, etc. to determine the compliance status at a particular location.  By only receiving e-mail "alerts", managers (EHS as well as Plant Managers, Vice Presidents, etc.) are not overwhelmed with e-mails/data letting them know everything is fine within the system - managers will only receive an alert when there is a situation or condition which may require their immediate attention to prevent the organization from missing a compliance deadline.

Promoting Accountability:  EHS managers often are held responsible for ensuring compliance activities are completed on-time by individuals at various locations (plants) throughout the organization over whom they have little direct control.  All EHS managers know the scenario - plant personnel (engineers, maintenance, human resources) are overworked with their primary responsibilities, yet expected to make time for the "add-on" environmental responsibilities.  Plant personnel feel they are "caught between" operations management (to whom they report) and corporate EHS managers.  Operations management personnel understand compliance responsibilities but often "didn't know there was a problem" and, therefore, did not realize they needed to take action.

E-Man helps to shift the burden of accountability/responsibility back to the plant/organization level operations management team by sending e-mail "alerts" to them when a compliance deadline is about to fall through the cracks.  This allows the operations management team to address the issue directly, with those individuals who report directly to them, in an efficient, effective manner.

Document Organization:  Part of the effectiveness of system stems from the ability to link compliance deadlines with useful knowledge on how to properly complete a required activity.  Our system can link to forms, reports, guidelines, work instructions, practices, procedures, manuals, etc. which are located either on the internet, within an organization's intranet, or with customized plans of control developed by Webco.  In this manner, E-Man is truly a compliment to an organization's existing compliance management framework, thereby minimizing duplication of efforts and resources.

E-Man also allows users to upload and link electronic copies of document (reports, inspection reports) associated with compliance tasks which creates an electronic filing system, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Automatic Notifications:   Email reminders are automatically sent to the individual(s) responsible for a specific compliance deadline at a pre-defined time before the compliance deadline.  Users of the system do not have to worry about constantly checking the system, running reports, etc. to determine what, whens and hows of completing compliance requirements.

Straightforward to Implement:  Many electronic environmental management systems provide powerful features, but require significant financial and manpower resources to implement.  Users can very quickly implement our system and put the system to use notifying/alerting users and managers of compliance deadlines.  The simple user interface makes it extremely easy to train people to use the system, which many of our clients have used to develop succession management plans to provide "fallback" personnel to support environmental activities.

Compliance Assistance:  We offer more than just a software solution.  With Webco, you have an additional resource to consult regarding questions on how to best manage your company's compliance requirements.  Quick questions or emails back and forth are encouraged, as we seek to establish relationships with our clients and provide additional benefits - ones not provided by companies who specialize in software, and not compliance.

We also can provide a turn-key solution to help a company determine the applicable compliance requirements, establish a process to ensure compliance, and then load the compliance information into E-Man for the client to manage on a day to day basis.

Easy to Use
A simple, intuitive interface makes the system very easy to use and administer.  No extensive training is required for users looking to use the system for the first time.  The ease of use is important for two reasons:  1.  users only have to spend minutes per week to keep up on their compliance responsibilities; and 2. the system provides a great means to build in a succession plan to help companies deal with turnover of individuals with EHS responsibilities.   With E-Man, when an individual with EHS responsibilities leaves the company, you can transfer all responsibilities over to a new person in minutes.  Compare that to the situation where the someone leaves the company suddenly and you are unable to find a recap or documentation listing everything that needs to be done.

Testimonials:  Here are some comments from our clients:

"Staying on top of all the federal, state and local environmental compliance deadlines for 25 facilities across the country has always been difficult. Webco's E-Man... solves that problem. I now know in advance the due dates for each issue, and with their e-mail notification system providing timely reminders, nothing gets overlooked. A must for any Environmental Manager."
    - Corporate Director, Safety and Environmental

"E-Man is an integral part of our EH&S compliance process.  It ensures the responsible party for completing required tasks doesn't let a deadline slip, and it provides upper management assurance that those tasks were completed on time."
    - Director, Environmental Health & Safety

"E-Man allows us to minimize the use of internal resources needed to effectively manage our compliance process.  This enables us to focus those resources on manufacturing activities."
Vice President of Operations

"Initially I was very skeptical about a system checking up on me.  Now I think it is great - simple to use and I really like the e-mail reminders."
    - Maintenance Supervisor

Regulators who have seen the E-Man system during visits to our clients' facilities have also given their unanimous endorsement.  They see system as an excellent tool that gives them more confidence that our clients will stay in compliance.  Our clients feel that this has improved their relationship with the regulatory community.

A Compliance Case StudyRead about how one of our clients turned to our electronic management system and completely turned around their compliance performance!

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